Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Just popping by .......

Wow, I've not been on this blog for a long, long time, not sure why I've popped back but I've been feeling increasingly drawn to it.  A lot has changed since I've been away, I've moved house twice, now have a beautiful house in a different part of the country, I've a new job, but most importantly I've been Prozac free for about 2 years.

In the last few years it's been interesting who I have and haven't told about my depression.  Where I lived previously, I told quite a few friends about my depression, none of them thought any worse of me and in many ways it was very cathartic, we shared a lot and they talked through issues they were going through.   But since I've moved it's all gone back into the cupboard again.   No-one here knows anything about my history here, I'm strong, I'm invincible, I'm having it all.  I've learnt some lessons, I don't work all hours god sends, I try to spend time with my daughter and I think I can spot the warning signs again, but it would be nice not to pretend sometime.

I'll try and come back more often, maybe I'll come back and be the real me here more often.