Friday, 6 April 2012

Prozac dreams

The side effects of Prozac have been interesting, the most startling one is the dreams.  Does anyone else have Prozac dreams?  They are very vivid, very intricate and I wake up shattered. 

I'm sure dreams mean things, but no idea what mine mean.  They all seem to involve travelling, planes, trains and automobiles, but I never get where I'm going.  One of the big problems, is that I wake up shattered, I'm exhausted before the day has started.  I'm already halving my dose of prozac and the dreams haven't subsided.  Anyone know how long it will be before they disappear?


  1. I had that too. It was horrid. And because it made me so numb, my dreams were more real than my waking time, a very weird state indeed. I can't say when/if it will wear off, for I stopped the prozac after a month as it was just making me worse, but it didn't wear off for me at all in that month/five weeks.

  2. I have been on prozac for a while but I do not remember my dreams.